The presidential candidate at the mall, during the national day

The last action/event that the romanian candidacy proposed took place on the 1st december of 2010, the national day of Romania and the anniversary of the biggest mall in eastern europe, AFI Palace Cotroceni in Bucharest. We got permission to enter in the show by cheating the PR of the mall saying that we are going to present a modern dance piece. We send fake images from previous shows that we never did, actually they all came from a youtube search session. One of the videos that we send as "document" to the PR was taken from a Ultima Vez piece by Wim Vandekeybus.
Most importantly we told her that we are for free! So they didn't have to burden their marketing budget...

We were kicked out of the stage just before the end. Some of the mall staff got angry with our show although we were officially invited by them. But it was a postspectacle evening anyway. Before us, on stage, were little dancers (at most 12) from the National Opera Experimental Studio. After us acrobats and Holograf (famous romanian rock band) were due to follow, and last but not least in the end of the day there was a raffle "with prizes for everyone".

We just tried to push the show in the same direction, but to the edge. Mixing trash estetics with hardcore critical speeches we delivered something that actually was already there, or it seemed like this anyway. The bigger spectacle that surounded us was absorbing and, as it proves here, it can absorb anything. From here on apparently only violence can shake something up.
For a while, after this action, The Presidential Candidate was depressed.

What’s happening now with the candidacy ? We take a rest and rethink.