Is this the End of Postspectacle?

What happens with a concept after its time has passed? A concept appears when it is necessary and it’s totally unpleasant in the beginning, nobody likes a new concept. Then, usually with time, it expires. After a certain period it might eventually attain acceptance and recognition, because it becomes accessible and inoffensive. It becomes a cultural good and continue as zombie-concept. Some concepts and practices die or are absorbed. Eventually, if they don't have a good death, they may haunt the living as ghosts while others just disappear as if they never occurred. One of these endings probably stroke Postspectacle too. Or maybe now when we make a spectacle of ourselves everyday on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, the Postspectacle concept is still necessary and it is we who are exhausted, and Postspectacle must go on through somebody else. An important omen is the fact that until now we refused the invitations to participate in exhibitions and display videos of the Postspectacle actions. What is happening, is this the end of Postspectacle? Or finally we came to embody our slogans, we gave up hope and we are riding the “proud to be grey” wave.

Discussion between Florin Flueras and Ion Dumitrescu at Salonul de Proiecte. Thursday, March 5, 18h00, right before the opening of Heroism Rises in a Warehouse exhibition, in which the video of Postspectacle at Mall will be presented for the first time.