Esthetic Entities for Sale at Art Brussels

Postspectacle (represented by Florin Flueras and Ion Dumitrescu) proposes for the Black Market a workshop on esthetic entities and Postspectacle operations, and an auction of selling itself and other esthetic entities.

In the last 10 years entities with a complex esthetic operativity emerged in the zones of dance and visual arts of Bucharest. The names of the entities are often the symptom of a problem or a question: they may function as a reaction, as almost empty concepts in the beginning, triggering practices afterwards. They are esthetic compositions of people, processes, capacities, frames, concepts, behaviors, attitudes, affects. They are conceptual operations that function as platforms, as ecosystems, as wholes, that precede the details, as esthetic artificial organisms. They are art worlds. Esthetic Entities as Presidential Candidate, Unsorcery, The Bureau of Melodramatic Research, Black Hyperbox, Romanian Dance History, Postspectacle, are for sale in an auction at Art Brussels and through other sell strategies that will happen unscheduled.

In Postspectacle, a constant practice is to introduce strange feedback loops, altering, expanding or breaking some of the implicit conditions at work in the respective situations. Postspectacle strategies and an overview on operations of other esthetic entities will be approached during the workshop.