Postspectacle Shelter in The House of the People

25 - 29 April, in the House of the People

It looks like what we, Presidential Candidate, have been anticipating in the last years, with our "no hope" messages and slogans, is already at work. This is not perceived as an eccentric, provocative vision anymore, it is the banal reality that everybody can feel. So what now? What’s happening when you give up hope and you are pushed into the corner?

There is a feeling of urgency, fundamental issues need to be immediately confronted and we will do exactly that. The House of the People (Ceauşescu's Palace) will be transformed temporarily into a real house of the people, where, for a few days, free education, free health services, free food, political therapy, a bit of everything that now is disappearing, will be provided.

Still, there is a sensation that it's too little and, maybe, already too late, so we don’t know if we can avoid adding a dystopian dimension to the whole situation. The events within the House of the People will be a good opportunity for thinking the present and feeling the (no) future in this first Postspectacle shelter.

Inside the Shelter:

Wednesday 25 Apr, 19.00
Does Europe Have Any Future? - workshop with Franco Bifo Berardi

Thursday 26 Apr, 19.00
- The Official Opening of the People's Shelter - speeches by The Presidential Candidate and his guests
- Paraparada - Aparat Security
- Samusocial - Elena Adam
- Reintegration - Vali Zaharescu aka The Romanian Bum, chief editor Gazeta Străzii

Friday 27 Apr
16.00 - 20.00 - Facing the Wall, Disaster, Collapse and the Impossibility-to-not-Love - workshop with Akseli Virtanen
20.30  - Meditation - Valentina Desideri
21.00 - Film Projections

Saturday 28 Apr
16.00 - 20.00 - Facing the Wall, Disaster, Collapse and the Impossibility-to-not-Love - workshop with Akseli Virtanen
20.00 - Bezna #3 Launching
- Queer Apocalypse vs The Salvation Child - Mihai Lukacs
- Soulstorming - BMR (Alina Popa, Irina Gheorghe)
- We Are All Reptilians Now - Florin Flueras

Sunday 29 Apr
15.00 - Political Reading Group
- 112 - Iuliana Stoianescu
- Survival Guide - Cosima Opârtan
- About Migrants- Simina Guga
- Peronism Will Be Revolutionary or It Will Not Be At All - Eva Peron
- Postspectacle Condition - Ion Dumitrescu
- Public Life - Private Life, Where Are the Limits - Caroline Keppi-Gurita
20.00 - FRR/ presents:  Water Strategy - Alexandru Gurita

Workshops details:

Does Europe have any future? - atelier cu Franco Bifo Berardi:
Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi is a contemporary writer, autonomist theorist and media activist. He founded the magazine A/traverso (1975-1981), and initiated Radio Alice, the first pirate radio station in Italy (1976-1978). His work analyzes the role of media and information technology in post-industrial capitalism, in particular drawing from schizoanalysis and aesthetics to investigate processes of subjectification within precarious labor. Human emotions and embodied communication becomes increasingly central to the production and consumption patterns that sustain capital flows in post-industrial society, and as such Berardi uses the concepts of "cognitariat" and "info labour" to analyze this psycho-social process. In his recent book, After the Future , he tries to prefigure what can come after our present end of the future.

Facing the Wall, Disaster, Collapse and the Impossibility-to-not-Love - workshop with Akseli Virtanen:
Exhaustion of the possible. Three metamorphoses of the spirit. From biopower to arbitrary power. To function “in another way” (Benjamin). Economy as oikonomia. Topoi koinoi. An-arche. The secret bond between anarchy and government. Production of ethics. Production of memory. Giorgio Agamben and Paolo Virno’s on coming politics. Good and evil share the same root. Distance to environment. Mode of potentiality. Endless regression. Openness to the world. Experience of potentiality. Exhaustion of the realizable vs. exhaustion of the possible. Pathos of distance. Disaster, fragilization and desubjectivation. Impossibility-to-not-love. Copoiesis. Kafkamachine. Cooperation to come. Robin Hood Investment Fund of the Precariat. Minor Asset Management.

In the Shelter every day:
- Simple yet Nourishing Food - Simina Guga, Ovidiu Anemțoaicei, Ștefan Tiron...
- Political Therapy - Valentina Desideri
- Medical Care - Iuliana Stoianescu

With the support of MNAC and Goethe-Institut Bucuresti