Postspectacle has arrived in Norway

 The way we experience ourselves is through the collective perceptions constantly reinforced by the generalized spectacle. The affective component of perception is more and more missing, the environment is perceived as mere exteriority. The world is a screen and we are becoming screens on which the spectacle is projected on and on. Postspectacle is when the screen becomes visible and a bit of reflection occurs, when a certain degree of some sort of different reality might enter our bodies.
 Postspectacle started in 2008 from a simple question: what’s the point in adding another spectacle to the theatre in a world of generalized spectacle? Postspectacle stands for the platforms, practices, gestures and attitudes that appeared since and were generated by the crisis of spectacle and representation we outlined in those days of 2008.

Postspectacle has arrived in Norway

How can thought collect Debord’s inheritance today, in the age of the complete triumph of the spectacle? It is evident, after all, that the spectacle is language, the very communicability and linguistic being of humans. […] The extreme form of the expropriation of the Common is the spectacle, in other words, the politics in which we live. But this also means that what we encounter in the spectacle is our very linguistic nature inverted. For this reason (precisely because what is being expropriated is the possibility itself of a common good), the spectacle’s violence is so destructive; but, for the same reason, the spectacle still contains something like a positive possibility - and it is our task to use this possibility against it. (From Giorgio Agamben - Marginal Notes on Comments on the Society of the Spectacle. 1990)
Postspectacle has arrived in Norway. This is a truly socialist country, a more egalitarian society than any other. Despite a few problems, the common good is served and the general atmosphere seems much less charged than in the south, where frustration and financial desperation has taken over. For the past three years we have declared “abandon all spectacle now”, but here in Oslo we feel almost paralyzed, in this environment the spectacle and the good life have to be celebrated.
So give up hope and join the party!

Postspectacle at Drama House Oslo

4 September
19h00 - Postspectacle Trilogy part I with Florin Flueras and Ion Dumitrescu
21h00 - Postspectacle: an Introduction with Florin Flueras and Ion Dumitrescu

5 September
18h00 - Postspectacle Workshop with
Brynjar Åbel Bandlien and Valentina Desideri
20:30 - Biosorcery (premiere) with Florin Flueras and Alina Popa

6 September
19h00 - Neocatharsis with Florin Flueras and Ion Dumitrescu
20h00 - So what (premiere) by Valentina Desideri and Zoe Poluch

7 September
19h00 - Preview, Manuel Pelmus
20h00 - Debate: Postspectacle is not enough! with Ine Therese Berg, Valentina Desideri, Florin Flueras, Ion Dumitrescu, Manuel Pelmus and Brynjar Åbel Bandlien

8 September
18h00 - Romanian Presidential Candidacy with The Romanian Presidential Candidate
20h00 - Postspectacle Join the party